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ethereal, compassionate, meditative 

Keiko's arrangement of hymnal & folk songs reflects the unique blend of

her cultural experiences, curiosity and creativity.  

All of Keiko's concerts consist of various themes. In the past, she coordinated concert on the theme of

Home (April, 2018), Seasons (November, 2018), Glory (May 2019), and Nations (June 2019).


But what exactly does it mean by concert based on a theme? 

From the beginning to the end, all the pieces she selected, paintings displayed for each pieces, all the various texts shared in between... it all serves the purpose of developing that specific theme.


By doing so, she invites the audience to participate in the grand creation unfolding with

music, art, and readings of various texts. In that sanctuary, you will have a refuge and a safe place for you to reflect, cherish, and to be renew your heart strength.


To see for yourself, please take a look at video attached above!

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